Our mission is to revolutionize the global healthcare industry 

Our goal is to establish a global health ecosystem that effectively connects users with relevant segments of the healthcare industry, helping people to realize their health and wellness needs. 

Guiding principles:


We believe in accessible health solutions that benefit diverse populations, delivered through our global team and partners.


We are committed to always digging deeper to develop the best solutions and make an impactful difference in the world.


We strive to deliver advanced technical solutions through a simplified user experience that solve everyday problems for businesses and consumers.


We know health is a serious matter and we hold ourselves to the highest standards, providing dependable solutions backed by proven research and rigorous testing.

Leadership team

Wang Huang

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Wang is a serial entrepreneur and a pioneer in China’s embedded Linux system, alongside the MP4 player, tablet and smartwatch industries. He is a graduate of the Department of Physics at the University of Science and Technology of China with a major in Microelectronics.

Mike Yan Yeung


Prior to joining Zepp Health, Mike served as a Vice President of Shunwei Capital, a China-based venture capital firm, where he focused on investments in mobile applications, smart home technologies, smart wearables, IoT and online healthcare.

Leon Cheng Deng


Leon has 17 years of experience in accounting, financial management, manufacturing, and international business. Prior to joining Zepp Health, Leon served as the Global Head of Finance for Philips Domestic Appliances Division, Royal Philips.

Brad Samson

VP, Investor relations

Brad has extensive experience in the healthcare, wellness and technology industries and previously led investor relations for companies ranging from small caps to Silicon Valley unicorns.

Tim Houchin

VP, Business and Corporate Development

Tim brings over 20 years of experience in enterprise software sales and healthcare. He previously led the enterprise group for Pebble (acquired by Fitbit) and is currently responsible for business development and M&A, focused on medical technology that supports Zepp Health’s commercial strategy.

Gareth Jones

VP, Business Development (EMEA)

Gareth has over 20 years of sales experience in European markets and previously served as Vice President & General Manager of EMEA for Fitbit.

Ramesh Jain

Chief Technical Advisor

Ramesh leads Zepp Health’s AI Research Institute. He is a renowned AI researcher and known as the ‘Father of Multimedia Computing’. Ramesh is also the founder of UC Irvine’s Institute for Future Health.

Pengtao Yu

Chief Industrial Designer

Pengtao is a four-time Bronze winner of the International Design Excellence Award, a three-time winner of the iF Design Award (Germany), and a two-time recipient of the Red Dot Design Award (Germany). Prior to joining Zepp Health, Pengtao worked at Moov, where he played an instrumental role in designing and developing Moov’s fitness tracker.

Sally Powell

General Manager, PAI Health

Sally leads the team at PAI Health, an independent subsidiary based in Canada. She is a bilingual (Mandarin Chinese) executive with a decade of leading companies in the international insurance space as well as several senior roles at Bupa Global. Sally joins Zepp Health from AXA Global Healthcare, where she was the Head of Market Development, Asia Pacific.

Company timeline

Feb 2021

Zepp Health rebrands from Huami, reflecting the company’s expanding health technology portfolio and entry into the commercial healthcare market

Feb 2021

Zepp Health invests $5M in Hyperfine Research to miniaturize medical imaging technology

Jan 2021

Promaxo raises $4.17M in funding round led by Zepp Health

Jan 2021

Zepp Health enters definitive agreement to acquire a minority stake in YiTong Technology to expand the healthcare ecosystem in the Chinese market

Dec 2020

Zepp Health partners with Promaxo for joint technology, commercialization and market development opportunities

Nov 2020

Zepp Health and Royal DSM announce collaboration on wearable technologies and health tracking for personal nutrition

Oct 2020

Zepp Health announces multi-year strategic cooperation agreement extension with Xiaomi Corp

Aug 2020

Zepp Health partners with Aspen Imaging Healthcare

July 2020

Prudential and Zepp Health expand partnership to deliver new health products and services

June 2020

Zepp Health forms a new AI Research Institute, appointing UC Irvine professor Ramesh Jain as Chief Technical Advisor

June 2020

Zepp Health releases a new generation of smart wearable chip, Huangshan 2, which offers high computing efficiency with low power consumption

July 2018

Zepp Health enters partnership with PAI Health. This strategic alliance enhances PAI Health’s offering in the fast-growing insurtech space, providing insurers with a more effective way to engage their customers and assess, monitor and reduce risk

July 2018

Zepp Health acquires core assets of Zepp International, to expand Zepp Health’s footprint in the performance sport analytics field through global product development opportunities as well as deepening Zepp Health’s expertise in motion and activity-driven analysis

Sept 2018

Zepp Health launches the world’s first smart wearable chip, Huangshan1, based on the open standard RISC-V instruction set. This is implemented across the product suite of smart watches and wristbands

Feb 2018

The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming China’s first smart hardware innovation company to enter the US capital markets

Sept 2015

Zepp Health launches Amazfit product line of consumer smartwatches

Jan 2015

Zepp Health opens first US office in Cupertino, CA

Dec 2013

Zepp Health founded to develop, manufacture and sell smart wearable devices