Our mission is to connect health with technology 

Our goal is to establish a global health ecosystem that effectively connects users with relevant segments of the healthcare industry, helping people to realize their health and wellness needs.

Making health smarter

Our core business is selling smart wearables that help users become healthier. The company has developed a platform of proprietary technology which drives a broadening line of smart health products for consumers, and analytics services for population health.

Smart Wearable Chip

Zepp Health launched it’s first smart wearable chip in 2018 and launched the third generation dual-core RISC-V AI Chip in 2021. The company is excited to have developed a wearable chip that provides an ideal balance between function, performance and power consumption.

This chip will continue to be a significant differentiator in performance that consumers will experience from the company's smart health products.

Biometric Sensors &
Data Algorithms

Zepp Health has established a complete ecosystem of sensors and AI-driven data engines, including: BioTracker™2, a second-generation PPG biology tracking optical sensor; RealBeats™2, a second-generation heart rate engine; OxygenBeats™, a blood oxygen engine; SomnusCare™, a sleep data engine; PumpBeats™, a non-invasive and sleeveless blood pressure measurement system; ExerSense™, an AI recognition engine for motion patterns based on sports big data, and Zepp Health-PAI™, a human health assessment system.

Energy Efficient OS

The Zepp OS is an extremely battery efficient smartwatch operating system that Zepp Health announced in July 2021. The company created the innovative Zepp OS architecture to enable “24/7 health monitoring” so users can benefit from the most comprehensive health insights to improve their health.

The Zepp OS Mini Program Framework, named Zeus, allows developers to easily create lean customized apps with enhanced value for smartwatch users.

Making an impact on global health

Zepp Health is one of the largest global developers of smart wearable health and consumer fitness devices, shipping 46 million units in 2020 under its Zepp and Amazfit brands. In 2020, the company recognized that its engineering expertise in AI and miniaturization could be applied to emerging industrial medical technologies, and began developing partnerships with several disruptive medical imaging companies.

Amazfit ZenBuds

Company timeline

Mar 2021

Zepp Health announces strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services for health data storage

Feb 2021

Zepp Health invests $5M in Hyperfine Research to miniaturize medical imaging technology

Jan 2021

Promaxo raises $4.17M in funding round led by Zepp Health

Dec 2020

Zepp Health partners with Promaxo for joint technology, commercialization and market development opportunities

Nov 2020

Zepp Health and Royal DSM announce collaboration on wearable technologies and health tracking for personal nutrition

Aug 2020

Zepp Health partners with Aspen Imaging Healthcare

July 2020

Prudential and Zepp Health expand partnership to deliver new health products and services

June 2020

Zepp Health forms a new AI Research Institute, appointing UC Irvine professor Ramesh Jain as Chief Technical Advisor

Sept 2015

Zepp Health launches Amazfit product line of consumer smartwatches

Jan 2015

Zepp Health opens first US office in Cupertino, CA

Dec 2013

Zepp Health founded to develop, manufacture and sell smart wearable devices