Zepp Health is a leading innovator driving consumer health technology

Zepp Health is one of the leading developers of smart health devices globally, shipping more than 45 million devices in 2020. The company’s success in this crowded market space is driven by five unique strengths.

Zepp smartwatch models: Zepp E, Zepp Z 

Proprietary technology

Unlike most other smart device vendors, Zepp Health designs and builds its own AI smart device chip, the HuangshanTM series, currently in its second production generation. The company also designs and builds its own sensor array, BioTrackerTM 2 and algorithms for analyzing sensor data.  This gives the company a cost advantage, as well as a development advantage as it can test capabilities prior to formal launch.

Product range

Zepp Health’s products are sold worldwide, requiring many different configurations and price points to serve different consumer markets and preferences. Products range from $40 basic smartwatches and fitness bands to $350 premium products. In Q420, the $60-$70 basic smartwatch Amazfit Bip series comprised 28% of the quarter’s shipments, and the $180 premium Amazfit GT series comprised 41%. 

Pace of innovation & product development

Zepp Health’s engineering team is geared for rapid product development and enhancement cycles, which means new or upgraded products are brought to market faster than many competitors. In 2020, the company introduced 20 new or upgraded models over the course of the year, constantly refreshing products for consumers.

Global reach

The company has been globalizing rapidly.  In Q420, Zepp Health had over 100,000 new device activations in 27 countries compared to nine countries in Q419. The Zepp Health, Amazfit and Zepp brands are becoming increasingly established with consumers, distribution channels and business partners. 


Because Zepp Health primarily manufactures in batches, it can experiment with new ideas.  In 2H20, the company introduced the 80s retro-styled Neo sport watch at $40, which found its way into many Christmas stockings.  At the beginning of 2020, the company introduced the super-ruggedized Amazfit T-Rex with 12 military specs and dual GPS positioning.